Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, friends - it's been a really long, hard road for Candice. She's had a very tough time with chemo and has been struggling a lot. I should post more often, but often it's tough to spread bad news. And there have definitely been some bumps along the way. But today is her last treatment, and she deserves a HUGE congrats for pushing through with this, especially when she had all but given up several times.

Candice still needs our support and prayers! The fight does not stop here. She will start radiation treatment that will last for about 7 weeks (every business day!). It's not easy, and she's not looking forward to it. Please keep sending positive energy her direction.

On another note...Candice is planning to move to Rochester. Skylin will start school in the fall at Rochester School for the Deaf, and Candice will be able to continue radiation in Rochester. I'll try to keep everyone updated. Please join me in supporting Candice in her continued struggle to beat cancer and find peace in the world. PRAY pray that it doesn't return, and that the final PET scans find no evidence of cancer in her body.

Love you, girl.

(PS...the roses are from the Race for the Cure day - Candice loved them and wanted me to take photos).

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