Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keep Fighting, Candice!

Candice in the early days:

Congratulations, Candice! You're more than halfway through this chemo ordeal!

This is an update for everyone who is out-of-touch with Candice's situation. I went and spent the week with her for the last round of chemo, and saw that she is not fully getting the support she needs. Is anyone available to sit with her for a few hours on chemo days? Or drive her to the hospital? No kids allowed, but surely someone would baby-sit for a good cause like this. Also, Can anyone help take the dog out occasionally? Drive Skylin to school? Come wash the dishes once or fold the laundry? This is me asking, not Candice. She is exhausted and fighting this battle the best she can, but is often lacking the basic help that every cancer patient needs.

OR....even better....Candice would love to have friends and family just check in on her. Stop by. Stay for an hour. Just an hour here or there would make a huge difference. She doesn't always have the strength or energy to go when people come to her, it's so incredibly helpful and supportive. Just donate a little bit of your time...just once or twice. I promise it will mean so much to her.

Thank you to everyone who is already helping. Let's do more! Candice has a pretty high tolerance for pain and suffering, and I doubt she's fully letting on how hard this is for her. Remember her in your prayers!

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