Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Jan Peterson, of Kansas, who makes us feel loved and look kah-yoot! Bless her for these wonderful do-rags!"

(Post title courtesy of Candice). HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE LADIES?? LOVE IT.


I'm sad to report that Candice had a terribly hard week. She's called it the worst week of her life. The type of chemotherapy that she received last week (and that she'll be receiving again a week from tomorrow) was almost unbearable. She was weak, exhausted, and felt very very sick. She had terrible dreams, and the chemo is making her very emotional. Through it all, she's been taking care of a 7 year old daughter, and a rambunctious dog.

In short, she's in the very thick of this terribly difficult battle and she could use all the support she can get. I'm planning to stay with Candice through the next round of treatment. Anyone want to take the dog for a couple days?

Please send your prayers, love, and gas money Candice's direction.


Latecomers, please sign up, or pledge your support. We'll all be out there June 13th. Click HERE to join the team or make a donation.

Many many thanks.


  1. Hey Candice I hope your next round goes a bit
    smoother. Karen is my niece and she is a dear.
    We will all be thinking of you and sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery your way. My daughter is also adopted from India. She is 21 now and beautiful just like Skylin. Love the head
    "do-rags" !!!

  2. Candice... we love you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. hugs and kisses, Gina, Todd and Isabelle xoxoxo

  3. Dear Candice,
    I second the last comment by sending our love. We're praying for you. I'm humbled by your attitude towards life right now...and if I ever think I have problems I don't. Don't ever give up your great zest to live life to the absolute fullest.
    April B

  4. Candice
    I'm thinking about you often and pray that this week will be bearable. Keep the goal in mind!
    Nice having that Karen girl, isn't it? (Oops looks like the race date is wrong in the post.)
    Mom H.

  5. Hi Candice,
    I was in your Art classes few times with a student at ASD. I am praying for you be with your daughter forever and cancer FREE!!
    I would like you to read a book "The Last Lecture", an author by Randy Pausch. He died from Pancreas cancer last summer and he wrote a book for his small children and the children world. Hope you will read it!
    Enjoy every moments in your life!