Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the Hospital

Minor setback. Candice came down with a fever yesterday and called her doctor just to let them know. They did an assessment, and determined she did not have enough white blood cells to fight it, so she was sent to Buffalo General Hospital, which Candice has referred to as a "prison" and the "worst hospital ever." She's been there since yesterday, getting shots and intravenous antibiotics. She wishes she was home, and doesn't know exactly when she's getting out. I don't know much more than's been a little tricky getting information from Candice, plus, she hasn't been feeling well. But she's feeling better today, and we're hoping she'll be sent home soon. Anyone in that general vicinity? Sounds like she could use a visit from a friend.

Here's Candice and Skylin on a freezing day in March:

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  1. Happy Mothers Day!!! Hope you are feeling better and having a wonderful relaxing day!!
    Mrs. Weber