Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Would Yoda Do?

Try to imagine cancer as a little piece of evil energy (Darth Vader, if you will) inside your body. It feeds off your negative emotions and attitudes in an attempt to destroy all that is good within you (and hence growing stronger with the Dark Side.) But, much like Darth Vader, there was once good in your cancer (after all, even cancerous cells were at one time normal, healthy cells living in harmony with the rest of your body) and that good can be restored.

Regaining this balance requires overwhelming your tumor and overpowering your cancer with signals of strength, hope and love (Use the Force, young Jedi.) Without a doubt, the strongest weapons in our arsenal to accomplish such a feat are humor, smiles, laughter and an unyielding positive attitude...and if you've got one, a light saber couldn't hurt.

(HAHAHAHAHA. UM...Thank you, Candice for this bizarre contribution, found here.)


  1. I'm loving the photo. If only I had seen that movie to add some inspiration...is that the one with Princess Lea and Chebacca? If so then...aggggggg (this is my impression of Chewbacca noise). I recommend you try.

    Thinking of you!


  2. Who dis? -Candiland Manager