Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top 10 reasons to get cancer

Today will not be an easy day for Candice. She heads to the hospital at 10:30am and her double mastectomy surgery begins at 1:30pm.

BUT...Candice is a nut job (if I do say so myself) and of course she still has her sense of humor. Here's her contribution to today's post:

Top 10 reasons to get cancer:
1) You get to stop shaving (once chemo begins)
2) Never have to worry about that horrible task of finding a bra that won't fit anyways
3) Doing your hair has never been easier
4) Mammograms won't hurt any more
5) Nobody can tell when you're cold in the pool anymore
6) Boys will have to skip "second base" and go straight to third...
7) Free bikini wax (Brazilian style)
8) Get waited on, hand and foot
9) Jogging isn't quite so "bouncy"
10) Improved friendship with Karen (!!)

(ok, really don't get it, quit smoking and eat your freaking broccoli)

Pray today!!


  1. You're too much!!!! If i do say so're gorgeous regarless of how many boobs you have!

  2. Boys touching your breasts!?! ewww!

  3. Forgive me! I am new at blogging... It is SO good to see you and Skylin on here! Hi Karen!!!

  4. Love you Candice! Listen to your God...He will care for you! - dollymama

  5. Dear Candice,

    Gretchen asked friends to support, she is a close friend even if thousands of miles away. SO here goes. Dont not listen or get caught up in the modern day medicine bullshit. there are always other alternatives, and paths to go do to try to change your situation, thats not to say that it will be easy, try to stay strong spirited, and deticated and possative minded. lean on your friends and family, if your ever in buffalo and want to talk or need support from me, my name is JJ and you can call me anytime 716 430 5576,

    with love and possitive energy sent you way JJD