Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you!!

Candice wanted me to send out a BIG thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, flowers, cards and well-wishes. They've made her feel all "wahm and fuzzy" inside. She's doing so well that she's told me she plans to sneak out and drive around this week even though she is not supposed to. Ack! Since she's obviously a bit stir crazy, she'd love for people to keep sending stories and emails. (Please! maybe it'll keep her from getting behind the wheel! And Candice behind the wheel even without a major surgery and pain killers in the mix can sometimes be a scary thing...)

Sorry Candice. :) I've driven with you.

Um...this completely awesome photo is Candice defending her childhood position on Old Maid (which, according to her mom, was to cry every time she got the old maid). Still yet-to-be-determined is whether Skylin is a better loser than her mommy.

Candice is home, recovering, and feeling a little better each day. She is very grateful for all the help people have given her. She can move about a bit, but of course there is pain. Her post-op appointment is on Friday. I think at that time we'll find out what the doctor found in her lymph nodes...if anything.


  1. Dear Candice,

    The chicken shack has run amok without you. The workers are drinking again and we've run out of chicken. And I also found something unmentionable in the breading. Get well soon so you can whip up the goodies ASAP. :)


  2. Dear Candice,

    You will get well soon! You've been in my thoughts and prays. I'm glad your doing well and get stronger! Keep it up :-)


  3. Hey Candice,

    I'm so glad you are doing well. I've been thinking about you a lot and praying to God he helps you.