Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scan results are negative!

Please keep your prayers, support, and cards coming. Candice's CAT and bone scans came back negative. That's good news! No significant masses anywhere else in her body. Candice is having sort of a rough time, though, with this whole ordeal. She's upset, overwhelmed, and Friday was "miserable" so she still needs our support...and please visit if you can! Bad days and good days are bound to come and go for her, and Friday wasn't a good one. BUT no evidence of cancer anywhere else in her body! She also had a blood test to confirm the scan results (results forthcoming).

The next step is to have a test to find out whether the cancer is genetic. If so...further steps may have to be taken to be certain it doesn't return. Pray that it isn't! The test is Tuesday.

AND...there will be 4 months of chemotherapy for Candice, with treatments every two weeks. This is, of course, necessary and good. But of course she's upset that it will ruin her summer and make her exhausted. I'm guessing she'll need continued support with meals, daily house tasks, and help with Skylin. She still has to meet the Roswell oncologist about chemo, because she doesn't sound particularly happy with the one she met yesterday.

You can do this, Candice!! Stay strong. Everyone's rooting for you. We love you.


  1. candice-your in my thoughts and prayers. im sorry for how things turned out. if you see this, know I'm praying for the best for you! ATD

  2. Candace- Im praying for the best and I know you can be strong abt that and can i have the email so i can contact her... shes awesome woman i know her :-)

    from Jennifer Bump

  3. Hi Jennifer - please email me directly. Thanks!

  4. Who is ATD? Thanks! -Candice :)