Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday News

Happy day! Candice had her post-op yesterday and found out some good stuff. The doctor found cancer in only three of her lymph nodes that were removed during surgery...which in itself isn't particularly good news...but it was expected, and Candice was told that any less than 4 enlarged lymph nodes is the same prognosis as zero affected lymph nodes. SO. That's wonderful!! (Once the cancer spreads too far into the lymph nodes the chance of cancer spreading around the body is higher). She does have some fluid accumulation which should resolve itself in a few weeks.

BUT. Candice is feeling great. She's moving about and recovering quite nicely and plans to start chemo in about 2 weeks.

She'll have a CAT and bone scan on Monday, and then she'll go back to see her doctor next Friday. He'll check her status, and review the scans to be sure the cancer hasn't popped up anywhere else in her body (Keep praying about that one!). At that time, Candi girl will meet with an oncologist, and she also plans to get a second opinion at Roswell. After both consultations we'll know where and when she'll be getting chemo treatment.

In the meantime, Candice is starting to get her nerves back (I guess much of her skin is numb from surgery) which is really good, except that it does mean more pain. But she did some easter egg colorin' with the family yesterday, and now Skylin and her cousins are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny tomorrow.


  1. Happy Easter Candice,
    I am happy to hear you are getting better news then you thought..You look adorable in your photos and you have an amazing spirit!! I read and keep up with your progress all the time. Glad for this Website.. Hope Easter Bunny was good to you and Skylin.. Happy Day Love Mrs Weber

  2. Candice, you amazing, brave, wonderful, beautiful woman! Ashley F and I have been praying for you non stop. You are in our thoughts constantly. Your daughter is a beautiful little lady-we love you! - monique