Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey, everybody. Quick update. Candice started her chemotherapy treatments yesterday. Today she was very tired, but I haven't had a chance to communicate with her further. I've been out of town and will post tomorrow. But I can guarantee that this is the time when Candice will start needing the most support. Chemo is not easy on the body. She's going to need help with daily tasks because she'll be so exhausted. Also, meals would undoubtedly be greatly appreciated.

Candice also said her bloodwork and her MUGA scan (to check the heart) came back good. Will know more tomorrow. Keep her in your prayers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Candi's Angels for the cure

Team Candi's Angels has a fundraising goal of $1,000 and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Check out CANDICE'S PAGE and from there you can click to see the CANDI'S ANGELS TEAM PAGE. You can donate online to either the team fund or to an individual team member. The money's all going to the same place - towards breast cancer research and awareness, to help prevent and treat (and eliminate!) this horrible disease. Any and every amount is greatly appreciated!

And we're not stopping at $1,000. That's our first milepost. Let's raise as much as possible for Candice's sake. And her mom's. And her aunt. And for everyone we know who has been touched by this horrible disease. (Sisters, friends, cousins, mothers, bosses, daughters, aunts, grandmothers...even men can get breast cancer).

Help us reach our goal! Come out and support the team! And please...spread the word.

There's less than 2 months before the big day! Remember to visit CANDI'S ANGELS TEAM PAGE. Also, some basic event information can be found here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RACE (or walk) FOR THE CURE!!

Time to get running and walking! It's the Susan G. Komen Race (Candice calls it the Walk) for the Cure!

WHEN: June 13, Delaware Park (Buffalo, NY) 7-11am (Well, the actual race is at 10, but there's stuff before and after, so if you're lazy or old, just come when you can.)

JOIN or DONATE to team “Candi’s Angels.” Want to be on the team? Please contact me for information (hibbert.karen@gmail.com). The captain needs to know who is participating so you can get your free t-shirt and be in the team photo! You do not have to run, walk, or participate but you can still come for the FREE STUFF, BEER TENT, survivor parade, and big party!!! (Oh, and Candice says you’ll get to watch her jiggy if she can). So fun! The donation/pledge forms can be downloaded here.

You can print the form and get donations whether or not you are participating. Contact me for the address to where you should mail forms/donations. We only have about a month to raise as much money as we can!!!

Ready. Set. Go. Do it. Now.

Further information can be found at www.komenwny.org.

Here’s the Race Day schedule from the Komen Western NY site:

7:00 am - Race Day Registration
7:30 am - Team Photos at the Team Challenge Tent.
Pre-Race Activities, Raffles, Give-A-Ways
8:30am - Breast Cancer Survivors’ Photo
9:00am - Pre-Race Program ~ Survivor Parade
10:00am - 5k Run/Walk & 1 Mile Family Fun Walk
11:00am - Food Tents, Family Activities, Raffle, Sponsor Events and Awards Ceremony

Can't make it to the Buffalo Race? Find a Race near you! But come on out and support the cause!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scan results are negative!

Please keep your prayers, support, and cards coming. Candice's CAT and bone scans came back negative. That's good news! No significant masses anywhere else in her body. Candice is having sort of a rough time, though, with this whole ordeal. She's upset, overwhelmed, and Friday was "miserable" so she still needs our support...and please visit if you can! Bad days and good days are bound to come and go for her, and Friday wasn't a good one. BUT no evidence of cancer anywhere else in her body! She also had a blood test to confirm the scan results (results forthcoming).

The next step is to have a test to find out whether the cancer is genetic. If so...further steps may have to be taken to be certain it doesn't return. Pray that it isn't! The test is Tuesday.

AND...there will be 4 months of chemotherapy for Candice, with treatments every two weeks. This is, of course, necessary and good. But of course she's upset that it will ruin her summer and make her exhausted. I'm guessing she'll need continued support with meals, daily house tasks, and help with Skylin. She still has to meet the Roswell oncologist about chemo, because she doesn't sound particularly happy with the one she met yesterday.

You can do this, Candice!! Stay strong. Everyone's rooting for you. We love you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday News

Happy day! Candice had her post-op yesterday and found out some good stuff. The doctor found cancer in only three of her lymph nodes that were removed during surgery...which in itself isn't particularly good news...but it was expected, and Candice was told that any less than 4 enlarged lymph nodes is the same prognosis as zero affected lymph nodes. SO. That's wonderful!! (Once the cancer spreads too far into the lymph nodes the chance of cancer spreading around the body is higher). She does have some fluid accumulation which should resolve itself in a few weeks.

BUT. Candice is feeling great. She's moving about and recovering quite nicely and plans to start chemo in about 2 weeks.

She'll have a CAT and bone scan on Monday, and then she'll go back to see her doctor next Friday. He'll check her status, and review the scans to be sure the cancer hasn't popped up anywhere else in her body (Keep praying about that one!). At that time, Candi girl will meet with an oncologist, and she also plans to get a second opinion at Roswell. After both consultations we'll know where and when she'll be getting chemo treatment.

In the meantime, Candice is starting to get her nerves back (I guess much of her skin is numb from surgery) which is really good, except that it does mean more pain. But she did some easter egg colorin' with the family yesterday, and now Skylin and her cousins are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Would Yoda Do?

Try to imagine cancer as a little piece of evil energy (Darth Vader, if you will) inside your body. It feeds off your negative emotions and attitudes in an attempt to destroy all that is good within you (and hence growing stronger with the Dark Side.) But, much like Darth Vader, there was once good in your cancer (after all, even cancerous cells were at one time normal, healthy cells living in harmony with the rest of your body) and that good can be restored.

Regaining this balance requires overwhelming your tumor and overpowering your cancer with signals of strength, hope and love (Use the Force, young Jedi.) Without a doubt, the strongest weapons in our arsenal to accomplish such a feat are humor, smiles, laughter and an unyielding positive attitude...and if you've got one, a light saber couldn't hurt.

(HAHAHAHAHA. UM...Thank you, Candice for this bizarre contribution, found here.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you!!

Candice wanted me to send out a BIG thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, flowers, cards and well-wishes. They've made her feel all "wahm and fuzzy" inside. She's doing so well that she's told me she plans to sneak out and drive around this week even though she is not supposed to. Ack! Since she's obviously a bit stir crazy, she'd love for people to keep sending stories and emails. (Please! maybe it'll keep her from getting behind the wheel! And Candice behind the wheel even without a major surgery and pain killers in the mix can sometimes be a scary thing...)

Sorry Candice. :) I've driven with you.

Um...this completely awesome photo is Candice defending her childhood position on Old Maid (which, according to her mom, was to cry every time she got the old maid). Still yet-to-be-determined is whether Skylin is a better loser than her mommy.

Candice is home, recovering, and feeling a little better each day. She is very grateful for all the help people have given her. She can move about a bit, but of course there is pain. Her post-op appointment is on Friday. I think at that time we'll find out what the doctor found in her lymph nodes...if anything.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Headed home

Candice is leavin the hospital behind. She's off to her mom's now and I'm hoping she'll get to see her daughter, have some good food, and rest, rest, rest. Though, by all accounts she's been texting people ever since she was out of surgery (minimally). Stubborn! This is what gives me hope for her complete recovery. She's not going to sit back and wallow in the pain.

Adorable photos of Candice "reading" (signing) a bed-time story to Skylin below (pre-surgery). LOVE IT!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Out of surgery!

Candice's surgery is over, and her mom says it went well (Hurray!). There were some enlarged lymph nodes which the doctor had anticipated and removed, but other than that, it sounds like the tumor had not spread to any surrounding tissue, which is very good news. While she was "under," they also inserted a port in Candice's chest through which she'll receive the chemotherapy.

Surgery sucks!!! So she'll feel like she was run over by a truck for at least a day or so, but then slowly she'll begin to feel better. Tonight Candice will probably stay in the hospital, and then she'll go to her mom's house to begin recovery. If anyone would like Candice's address to send cards, flowers, food, etc...please contact me: hibbert [dot] karen [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Top 10 reasons to get cancer

Today will not be an easy day for Candice. She heads to the hospital at 10:30am and her double mastectomy surgery begins at 1:30pm.

BUT...Candice is a nut job (if I do say so myself) and of course she still has her sense of humor. Here's her contribution to today's post:

Top 10 reasons to get cancer:
1) You get to stop shaving (once chemo begins)
2) Never have to worry about that horrible task of finding a bra that won't fit anyways
3) Doing your hair has never been easier
4) Mammograms won't hurt any more
5) Nobody can tell when you're cold in the pool anymore
6) Boys will have to skip "second base" and go straight to third...
7) Free bikini wax (Brazilian style)
8) Get waited on, hand and foot
9) Jogging isn't quite so "bouncy"
10) Improved friendship with Karen (!!)

(ok, really don't get it, quit smoking and eat your freaking broccoli)

Pray today!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 10 Worst Ways to Break Cancer Diagnosis News to Your Family

#10: Wear an "I've Got Cancer" t-shirt around the house.

#9: Use overly intricate (and thoroughly confusing) means:
-Spouse: Honey, you don't look so well. Are you feeling alright?
-Response: Well, if by 'are' you mean 'do', and if by 'feeling' you mean 'have' and if by 'alright' you mean 'cancer', then the answer is yes, I most certainly do.

#8: Vanity license plates: [2MR GUY], [KEMO GAL], [CNCR SUX],[CNCR FITR]

#7: Via text message. ( omg! ive gt cancer. not kewl. )

#6: Make your family play connect the dots with your twisted logic:
"Ya know, I was thinking about what a horrible disease that cancer is and how Fate must really hate someone to inflict such a horrible curse on them. Well, apparently Fate hates me."

#5: The Relativity Approach:
"Well honey, I got fired from my job for sleeping with the cleaning lady, who apparently gave me HIV. You should get yourself checked out ASAP. Ha ha, just kidding about that...by the way, I have cancer.

#4: "Alright everybody, raise your hand if you DON'T have cancer."
(raising your hand at first, then slowly dropping it as everyone watches)

#3: On the Jumbotron at a sporting event.

#2: Through clever subtleties:
Spouse: Do you have Billy's basketball schedule for next week?
Response: I'll tell ya what I don't have...the ability to properly regulate cell growth and proliferation anymore.

And the #1 worst way to break cancer diagnosis news to your family:

"Knock-knock" ... "who's there?" ... "I have cancer."

Thank you to Cancer Is Not Funny.