Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer chain for Candice!

Candice sent out the following message today, and would like to spread the word:

I need you to perpetuate this prayer chain whether or not you believe in God because I do. I need you to pray for me starting now through Sunday, on the hour, every hour for the following four things: 1. That they get ALL of the cancer out of my body. 2. That they get ALL the right lymph nodes. 3. That whatever they might have missed, ask God to take them with Him, and the most important of all: 4. Tell God that I want very much to watch my little girl grow up. Pray hard, pray loud, pray long. Get loud, persistent and annoying so that God HEARS OUR PRAYERS. Tell your friends and family, get strangers in on this prayer chain, God will listen! He MUST! The surgery is Thursday from 1:00 - 5:00, the prayers should be strongest at this time. Thank you!


  1. Hi, Candice! I'm a friend of Karen's, and I've been hearing great stories about you for years. You sound like an amazing person with an amazing daughter to match. And you've definitely got the right attitude. I'll be praying for you (already have been).

    From my devotional this morning:
    "They looked ... and there was the glory of the Lord appearing in the cloud." (Exodus 16:10)

    Good Luck today!!!

  2. Candice you are definitely in my prayers. and if any one knows anything about me I bambard the heavens in making sure not only God is aware of the need but release on earth what has already been released in heaven, YOUR HEALING!! I require not jsut your healing but to turn every crisis your family face into an oportunity of showing others how great your faith and you are!Continue to be that 3D woman that you are; A woman of Determination, distinction and Destiny!!!!! all to say that you are in my prayers! ENID